Seattle street art. Artist: Sydney M. Pertl (Author Image)

One Year of Quarantine: A Look Back

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My grandmother died on Thursday. A few weeks ago, she entered heart failure and was told to expect 1.5–2 years. She already had leukemia. Last Saturday, she tested positive for Covid. Now, she is gone.

M y grandmother was the only extended family around when I was born. Even her…

“Expats” Working Abroad

Photocredit: Piqsels

I worked illegally in a formerly colonized country. The job description said the organization would take care of securing proper work permits for me. “Great,” I said to myself, “that’s settled.” When I arrived, I purchased a tourist visa. My organization said they could not apply for my residency permit…

I reported a superior for sexual harassment. When I did my phone interview with HR, the woman asked, “Do you feel safe to continue working and living where you are?” At that time, I lived on the campus where I worked. My harasser’s house was about 100 feet away from…

Alicia Houser

Sometimes writer. Often over-thinker. Never takes life too seriously.

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